10 simple rules for dating my daughter imdb who is joe dating now

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10 simple rules for dating my daughter imdb

A stunning younger woman is hanging around with principal Gibb. Gibb wants to make sure Cate is not uncomfortable about him dating Cheryl.

He introduces her as his "friend" Cheryl, but she is much more intimate with him than that. Cheryl, meanwhile, asks "personal tutoring" from C.

Bridget has taped over Kerry's video project for school.

Kerry is enraged because Bridget taped herself dancing in her new leather pants over Kerry's footage of a meteor shower, which comes only once every 60 years.

Since Bridget is the president, it's her duty to organize it - and since she's no good at it, the vice president seeks to replace her.

Rory has reached the age of regular self-pleasuring. to let Cheryl attend his classes in preparation for her upcoming final exams to get a GED certificate.

Paul and Cate force Rory to read "To Kill a Mockingbird" for a book report instead of watching the movie.

Bridget pretends to pine over Ben going off to college, while Kerry covers for her.

Kerry thinks their appearance together would make a statement, but does not realize that the girl is attracted to her. points out that if Cate does not book a room, the kids will find someone else who will, the only solution Cate can come up with is to announce that the after party will take place at their house...

Rory gets asked to the prom by a girl with somewhat questionable reputation - a fact with which Cate is not at ease with at all.

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