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The only exception was among the holders of graduate degrees who constitute 8.9% of the population.Among those with a master's, professional or doctorate degree, those who identified as White had the highest median individual income. The second largest racial or ethnic gap was between Whites and African Americans with the former earning roughly 22% more than the latter.The distribution of income among individuals differs substantially from household incomes as 39% of all households had two or more income earners.As a result, 25% of households have incomes above 0,000, 2009 has been .25 per hour or ,080 for the 2080 hours in a typical work year.BEA also publishes disposable personal income, which measures the income available to households after paying federal and state and local government income taxes.Income from production is generated both by the labor of individuals (for example, in the form of wages and salaries and of proprietors' income) and by the capital that they own (in the form of rental income of persons).BEA's personal income measures the income received by persons from participation in production, from government and business transfers, and from holding interest-bearing securities and corporate stocks.Personal income also includes income received by nonprofit institutions serving households, by private non-insured welfare funds, and by private trust funds.

BEA produces monthly estimates of personal income for the nation, quarterly estimates of state personal income, and annual estimates of local-area personal income. The Census Bureau collects income data on several major surveys, including the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey (CPS), the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), and the American Community Survey (ACS).Income that is not earned from production in the current period—such as capital gains, which relate to changes in the price of assets over time—is excluded.BEA's monthly personal income estimates are one of several key macroeconomic indicators that the National Bureau of Economic Research considers when dating the business cycle.Estimates are available by demographic characteristics of householders and by the composition of households.More details on income concepts and sources are found on the Census Bureau's website.

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