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Don’t miss her important advice if you are thinking about taking a job as a GS worker or contractor on an overseas base!

Yokota Air Base, Fussa, Japan Yokota was my husband’s last duty station. Our family spent the past four years in Japan and absolutely fell in love with the country.

Fly directly down into the well near the North Bank.

There's many posts yes, but they are all shown with an Underbelly Elixir - Item - World of Warcraft in wasp form. The next profile in our Expat Military Retiree Interview Series features a family who retired in place at their duty station in Japan.Christine Carlson, a Registered Nurse whose husband is a retired Airman, explains how her family fell in love with Japan and jumped at the chance to stay at Yokota Air Base for a few more years post-retirement.Fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs, milk, and snacks for the children’s lunches are typically what I find to be cheaper than the commissary, and the quality is superior.Because I work on base, I typically only go off base during the weekend when I have time to run my errands.

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We venture off base most weekends for leisure as well. I can say some key words and phrases, but that is about it. Usually we can find someone who speaks English or can understand the few words and phrases I know in Japanese to get the message across.

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