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300 and 295E Site at Rock Crossing campground San Francisco Peaks Site at Forked Pine campground Paintbrush blooming at Forked Pine campground View from Ashurst Lake campground Site at Pine Grove campground Red Rock Country of Sedona, AZ State Rt.

89A through Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, AZ Manzanita campground campsite pre-fabricated fire ring/grille Another view of campground Who says tent camping is rough?

Hoyer campground Water Buffalo (fresh water source) at Benny Creek campground State Hwy.

260 View from pull through at Winn campground Coronado Trail Scenic Byway (US Rt.

Maries, ID Low water bridge crossing at Wendover campground Beargrass blossoms at Jerry Johnson campground View of Jerry Johnson campground - no trees, lots of sun Lochsa River from US Rt.73 Wade Lake campground Abandoned homestead on access road to campground View of Madison Range from access road to campground Wade Lake from access road campsite View of Hilltop campground Campsite at Hilltop campground Tree kill (bug infestation) at Cliff Lake near Wade Lake campground On the way to Reservoir Lake campground View of Reservoir Lake from Reservoir Lake campground View of Bitterroot range (Dooling Ranch) Bear Creek campground Twin Lake at Twin Lakes campground Lodgepole pines at Seymour Creek campground Road to Seymour Creek campground Storm developing - on the way to Mussigbrod campground Riverview campground View of campground View from campground View of Madison River campground Bienville National Forest - Mississippi View of Shockaloe Base Camp I Marathon campground Birds with their cattle friends on Forest Rt.501 near Marathon campground Tent campers Campsite with electric and water hookups Co-author Suzi Dow with the "kids" enjoying the view of Marathon Lake View of Marathon Lake from day-use area.348 near Helen, GA Mountain Laurel - Lake Russell campground Horse Trough Falls at Upper Chattahoochee River campground Disbursed camping camping along River Road 44 near Upper Chattahoochee River campground Alpine-like city sign - Helen, GA Alpine-like building in Helen, GA Boggs Creek campground Campsite Access to campsite across a creek A shower stall shell for campers with portable shower "bags" Helton Creek Falls Cherokee National Forest - Tennessee Ocoee Whitewater Center - site of 1996 Olympic kayaking and canoeing competition Competition run at Ocoee Whitewater Center Tellico River Kayakers Road block on Forest Rt.126 Beach at Indian Boundary campground Cabin on Forest Rt.

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2 Array of Coulter pine needles Tent campers at Table Mountain campground Swimming beach at Pyramid Lake - Los Alamos campground View of Oak Flats campground Dave's Cantina at Zuni campground Angelina National Forest - Texas State Rt.