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Verifone first started working with Alipay last year to equip selected retailers across North America and Europe with a mobile point-of-sale system that accepts Alipay app payments at their stores.That was designed to help accommodate around 100 million mainland consumers who annually travel abroad in making convenient, electronic purchases at these merchants.Also though the app supports so many features and services, it has a really simple UI.If you can force your crappy app onto hundreds of millions of devices through your deal-making capabilities, you'll have the same success that a viral sensation would have.In addition to being against We Chat values, it's also a big hassle as preinstalls require careful version management.

But there is one thing that We Chat won’t let you do: discuss politically sensitive topics in a group.

“Alipay and Verifone are exploring additional opportunities to bring Alipay to more taxis in North American cities popular with Chinese travellers,” said Badran, who estimated that more three million mainland visitors will visit the US this year.

“Our research shows that the top 10 destinations for Chinese tourists in the US are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Seattle.” At the end of October, 2,100 taxis in Las Vegas accepted Alipay as fare payment.

Some of the other features that you might not use every day (like paying utility bills, topping up mobile) are in a separate ' Wallet' section which actually looks a bit like the Alipay app.

Alipay is a big competitor of Tencent Pay and bigger than We Chat Pay.

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“We often see passengers run out of cash on taxi rides,” said association chairman Chan Man-keung.

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