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Maybe they're just idiots, or maybe they're only pretending to be idiots (likely, I'm sure).

Believe it or not, the main black man is actually Violent Jay.What is amazing about ICP is that they seem so inarticulate and pathetic, but they actually come out with some very intelligent and profound things sometimes.They see him only as a hoax and see no illusions or magic by he.Back in March of 2017, Tori Spelling welcomed her fifth child.Fans were somewhat surprised by Spelling's decision to expand her family, not only because she's 44 years old, but because her extreme financial difficulties have been well-documented in recent years.

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Luckily, they managed to release it under Island Records, and their own label, Psychopath Records, which later went on to sign with numerous other members of the Dark Carnival (ICP's stupid gathering of nuts).