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A dentist by training, she long ago gave up that career for her full-time calling as a shadchen, to use the Hebrew and Yiddish word for one who makes shidduchs, or matches. Weinberg has the names of “hundreds, maybe thousands” of single Jews bouncing around in her head, and over the years she has introduced “about 250” couples who went on to get married.

She wrinkled her nose and said, in a disappointed tone, “Oh, O. Never mind.”I had just been sized up, then dismissed, as a potential match. Weinberg, 60, is one of the country’s top Jewish matchmakers.

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Weinberg said, “I meet this girl named Debbie, and I said, ‘You don’t know me, but I have this feeling you’d be perfect for my friend Mark Goldenberg.’ ” The woman was reluctant to meet a stranger.

“There were so many hijackings, there was David Berkowitz,” the Son of Sam killer.

Weinberg did find a husband for herself in New York, too. Weinberg, who has five children and 15 grandchildren, is an observant Jew of the Modern Orthodox persuasion.

They moved to Pittsburgh for his work as a doctor, and she practiced dentistry for a time, but continued to make matches on the side. She does not work or use electricity on the Sabbath, but nor does she cover her hair, as more strictly observant women do.

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Weinberg said, there are women.“I have to tell the woman” about the man’s situation, she said. Weinberg will take extraordinary measures to help put a man and woman together for life. Rieger was the president of United Jewish Communities, a national philanthropy, and so was one very important Jew. Siegel now finds that description a bit dubious.“I think it’s safe to say he wasn’t the most important Jew in North America,” Ms. But they were married in September 2008, five months after they started emailing, four months after their first date.“Tova is an amazingly talented woman,” Ms.

“But there are women who are asexual, and there are women who don’t need to be — hugged and kissed, sure, but. She told one of her sons she would give him ,000 if he found a husband for his sister, and he did. Weinberg.“She told Howard some things about me that were not exactly true,” Ms.

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It became more than a hobby.“There was so much intermarriage in Pittsburgh, I felt I had to do something,” she said. There are dozens of other Jewish matchmakers, but most primarily serve Orthodox Jews, and many charge for their services. Weinberg is unusual for working with all branches of Judaism, and for refusing money.“Baruch Hashem” — blessed is God’s name — “my husband makes a lot of money, so I can do this for free,” Ms. A conversation with her involves a lot of listening; a lot of Baruch Hashems; and talk of finding one’s bashert, one’s destiny, or soul mate.