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My dissertation was entirely on things we could learn about people from Google searches.

I studied racism and child abuse and predicting turnout.

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STEPHENS-DAVIDOWITZ: I had big questions about like the meaninglessness of life and the absurdity of the human condition and stuff. I just got more and more depressed; and then I stopped.7Or Better does exactly what it says on the tin and is for well-endowed men and potential dates who, categorically, think it’s the size of the ship not the motion of the ocean that matters.Website founder Steven Pasternack filled us in on what triggered him to launch it.Everybody has a responsibility to not judge people based on their religion and not give religious tests when deciding who enters this country.STEPHENS-DAVIDOWITZ: But searches against Syrian refugees were going up, and searches to “kill Muslims” are going up, and searches for “I hate Muslims” were going up.

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Or do you feel that compulsive honesty really makes your life more difficult and that lying overall — obviously there’s a million variations in shadings — is a pretty sensible strategy for life. I was getting no dates, and I’m like “Wait, this is stupid.” Then I changed to like a really good picture, and I’m like “Oh. That makes a lot of sense.” )] So: when we’re putting out information about ourselves, we may lie. DUBNER: You write in the book, “The microscope showed us there is more to a drop of pond water than we think we see.