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Just ask someone, to multiply in their head 56 x 89 and watch their eyes.The cognitive load placed on them by the multiplication task will cause all sorts of eye movements or even eye closure.The eyes serve as conduits of information we have relied on for thousands of years. The man who is asked to help someone move will cover his eyes with his fingers rubbing them as he answers, “yes I will help you,” when no doubt this will be an inconvenience.This blocking behavior authentically reveals how he feels even though he will assist.This behavior is obviously millions of years old and it very elegantly communicates how we feel precisely at that moment.* * * If you are interested in eye behavior I would recommend “.” Additional articles can be found here at Psychology Today (Spycatcher).Eye aversion is practiced by many cultures including Latin Americans and African-Americans, to show respect to those in authority.

Eye contact is in fact a social/cultural phenomenon that is practiced differently around the world.

When interpreting eye behavior, many misconceptions exist.

Little or no eye contact is erroneously perceived by some as a classic sign of deception, especially during questioning, while the truthful should "lock eyes." This is not supported by research or experience and is completely false.

Often what is not spoken out loud is expressed exquisitely in the eyes.

In fact I was prompted to write this today as I was visiting a research colleague and her eyes, at a distance, told me something was wrong, her father had passed away.

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It is interesting to note in my own observations that when we are most comfortable we have the luxury of looking away and we find comfort there as we retrieve facts from our memory or ponder the future.