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Entering an airport in the “Preferred Departure Airport” field will prepopulate this field when booking travel.This will save time; however, it will not affect the search results if there are multiple airports near the Traveler’s duty station.Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to update information on a user profile in Concur Gov.Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA) Version: Instructions: After you login...Note: For Travelers who do not wish to have their card number permanently on their profile, they may choose to add their card number prior to creating a travel reservation and then delete the card after their travel is complete and the Voucher has been processed.Sign up to stay informed about potholes, lost pets, and other issues from your neighbors.

I added this in my Manage View // You can add profile data for the user by adding more properties to your Application User class, please visit public class Application User : Identity User public class Application Db Context : Identity Db Context Everything else is just how it is when you start a new template in Visual Studio.Any help is appreciated and again I'm not sure where to go from here in updating the user. When it comes to MVC if you have a view which display's data and allows the user the modify it and send it back to the database then your controller would consist of a GET method and a POST method as shown here You're using entity framework, so you will need to use an entity framework update statement as shown here (plus many more examples) article that that you have linked in your recent post shows an older version of EF and I'm using 6.I've check the other pages on that site and it's showing something different than what is shown in my Manage for example.This will allow the hotel vendor to see the card number to reserve the hotel room.Complete the process by entering the billing address and selecting the “Save” button.

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If a name change or correction is needed, please contact your Lead FATA (Federal Agency Travel Administrator) for the process per your Operating Division (Op/Div). He/she will need to refer to their FATA for any exceptions. The “Employee ID” field should contain the Traveler’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) number.

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