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Conn vintage one trumpet dating

I'm sure that this horn is not for everyone, but I do consider that there is nothing better out there for me. [This review relates to the 1BR model] Recently all my instruments were stolen so I had to get a new horn, after playing the same Strad for nearly 15 years.

What I believe makes this horn quite the catch is that it's very versatile and the price is great for a pro horn.The Wild Thing played similarly to my Courtois (not very easy to play at all), though the tone was fantastic on the gold model... beautiful tone, very easy to play and improved my endurance beyond recognition - and this happened instantly.All trumpet players are seeking something different in a horn, but for me, the Vintage One is everything...The horn is very powerful, sizzles easily, resonants like crazy, and has a very beautiful sound.The craftsmanship is excellent, the finish spectacular, and the valves are unbelievable (only rivaled by Getzen valves and not by much) ...

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