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Want to receive articles like this one in your inbox? Let’s take a closer look at the updated provider signature guidelines for labs and diagnostic testing.

Cassano, CPC Providers must understand the revisions to signature guidelines outlined in Med Learn Matters article 6698 and Transmittal 327 in the Medicare Program Integrity Manual, which were revised on April 26 to include additional clarifying language from CR 6698 and are retroactive to March 1 in order to satisfy the November 2010 reporting period.

We realize that there are times in which an order may not be complete, and the facility would like to carry out the service or test and get the missing information after the fact.

However, this is not what Medicare and other third-party payers want.

For lab services, providers’ offices often fax orders ahead of time or patients will present with the actual orders.

Note the following May 17 Med Learn Q&A: Question: Would it be acceptable to order tests on patients during preadmission testing based on the patient's history without an order from a physician?However, when the order is unsigned, the treating physician must include documentation, such as a progress note, that indicates he or she intended the clinical diagnostic test to be performed.He or she must also authenticate this notation by a handwritten signature or e-signature.An electronic signature acts a footprint from a compliance standpoint, and that provider of record is authenticating the services provided by signing the note electronically. Because the physician’s signature is illegible, the physician of record provides a signature log, which includes his printed name, his full signature, and initials that appear on the document. Green also lists his credentials for further proof and validation.The individual whose name is on the alternate signature method and the provider bears the responsibility for the authenticity of the information to which they are attesting. White is a Fellow at Century Hospital and is rounding with his attending, Dr. To view a sample signature log, access the American Academy of Family Physicians website. To be valid for Medicare medical review purposes, the author of the medical record entry must sign and date the attestation statement, which must contain the appropriate beneficiary information.

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Med Learn Suggestions: Create a fax-back form that you send to the physician's office and, hopefully, get it returned in a timely manner.

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