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Dating backpacker

We all like to have nice things, but no one likes someone who is obsessed about how many material possessions they have.

The backpacking lifestyle requires one to become a minimalist and rely on the most basic necessities to get by.

If you are shy or hesitant to try new things — dating someone as adventurous as a backpacker will help you get out of your comfort zone.

Backpacking often involves traveling to rural locations to experience the culture of the country — but without the influence that the city can have.

They go through experiences that we can only imagine — and even then — our imaginations fall short.

From finding out that their accommodation is not what they saw online, (or not finding accommodation at all) to having their belongings stolen or running out of cash, backpackers open themselves to the possibility of literally being lost, and that shows bravery — a trait we know we would appreciate in our partners. Dating a backpacker means having someone who won’t shoot down every one of your ideas (unless it’s really bad).Backpackers go out into the unknown, usually by themselves — so they are literally on their own, especially at first.They need to be able to deal with injuries, cash and generally bad situations by themselves.If someone ever approached us and asked why we would date a backpacker, we would whip out our phones, search #backpacker, and let the backpackers of Instagram speak for themselves.The real question here is why wouldn’t you date a backpacker?

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The go-getting attitude often spills into other aspects of their lives, so you can be sure that backpackers wholeheartedly chase all their dreams.

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