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Dating game the lewiston sun journal

Le Vent Souffle Ou Il Veut (The wind blows where it may) Part 1 "Drink up, girls. " It was serendipitous how easy everything seemed to come-pot, alcohol, and more. I was surrounded by kids smoking and drinking, just having a good time during the intermission.

I'm not sure how much time passed as I faded in and out of consciousness in this manner - at some point I was aware of arriving at the concert, but too late to see Hydra, the opening act.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath tour, young Zakk Wylde was there, and so was Joe Satriani.

After Skynyrd was off, it still took 90 minutes to get Sabbath to play.

However, a tape of the Sabbath set from this gig recently appeared on dime and in the comments section was this: Robert von Bernewitz: "A recording of this show does exist - possibly 2 or 3 different sources.

I was at the show and recorded it with a hand held palm style recorder and my friend at the time also recorded the show.

I seriously doubt Rafael is gonna come back with any kind of FREEBIRD. We booed Toto off the stage when they were so, so young. And besides, they had like 5 guitar players, how many people can you fit on one stage? Tony did the entire job, we've seen him before right here.

And Tony Iommi is who we wanted to see, and Ozzy, and Geez, and Billy.

I awoke the next morning at a large party where everyone was in some form of near nakedness, sleeping or passed out, with only a few stirring. I didn't remember how I got there or anything of what had happened.

ROCK CONCERT: Blue Oyster Cult with Badfinger, Nazareth & Status Quo, W&M Hall, p.m., S5.50 Anyway - I couldn't help noticing that the next gig after this one is 9th March and then there's another gap until the 16th March. If anyone has any info about this potential Springfield gig, please let me know...

That leave ample scope for more gigs to be slotted in at some future date... 3-9-74 - Orpheum - BOC backed up Aerosmith on their 'Get Your Wings' Beantown debut - eye don't know if'n there were two shows, AS I attended that one behind 3 hits of potent orange microdot, and may have erased alot of memory tape loop... Bloom personally en-twerped mine cosmic mind with a green cyalume cylinder, AS he strolled through the pre-show crowd. March 17, 1974 Doobie Brothers with special guest Blue Oyster Cult and with REO Speedwagon at Feyline Fields (in Tempe Diablo Stadium) at pm. Source: March 13, 1974 "Phoenix New Times" newspaper display ad.

This was to occur in California after the summer of this most adventurous year!

"Le Vent Souffle Ou Il Veut" ("The wind blows where it may") Part 1 is an excerpt from "The Incredible Adventures of Mischa" by Michele Dawn Saint Thomas Rob Dwyer's Black Sabbath gigs lists on have this info: "Bedlam (with Cozy Powell), Lynyrd Skynyrd [replaced B. C.], Blue Oyster Cult [cancelled] - Rescheduled from 3/8" However, other than that, I'd had no other indication that BOC were ever scheduled to have played this gig.

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1974 was a significant year for Blue Oyster Cult, marking as it did the appearance of what many people consider, myself included, to be the band's most significant record, "Secret Treaties", released in April of that year. One of the guys reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out some capsules he called yellow-jackets. I knew I was about to see BOC live, right there on the stage, and I felt ecstatic at the thought.