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This expression does not refer to the modern republic of Syria, which since 2011 has been the battleground of one of the cruelest civil wars in modern history.

It tells us about another historical region of Syria, “Bilad Al Sham”, which also included Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, parts of Iraq and southern Turkey, also known as the Levant.

Odierno explained that in the preceding three months, more than 80 percent of the group's leaders had been “either picked up or killed” and that the remaining leaders were virtually abandoned, having “lost connection with [Al Qaeda’s senior leadership] in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” Eighteen months later, as the final US military forces left Iraq, a similarly sanguine US Army Lt. Frank Helmick reflected on a bright future for the Iraqi security forces. So we didn't rebuild anything; we their military.” And what a military it was: According to information released in the March 2013 "Final Report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction," from the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom until September 2012, the US alone spent billion to equip and train Iraq’s security forces and build and maintain the military installations they needed.I have searched for authentic musical expressions of faith in historic Syria by recording chanted prayers and parts of living liturgies in various mosques and churches.Many of the hymns and prayers you will hear in this project are ancient, some dating back to the fourth century.The group's seizure of Mosul last week—and advance toward Baghdad—triggered dismay around the globe.Many observers, including some at high governmental levels, are simply asking, “What the hell is this ISIS thing?

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The part of the Levant, today covering Syria, Lebanon and northwestern Iraq, is home to more than 20 different Christian denominations and Muslim groups.

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