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Dating locations in delhi

A second urbanization began to occur only around the 6th century ) is considered the greatest of Buddhist kings; and the majority of the monuments of the next 500 years appear to be dedicated to the Buddhist faith, though iconographical and other details suggest that the art also drew heavily on popular religion.

While the Kushān dynasty was sovereign in the north, the Sātavāhanas continued to rule in the south.

Works produced in the several geographical and cultural regions possess decidedly individual characteristics but at the same time have sufficient elements in common to justify their being considered manifestations of a general style.

The existence of this style is evidence of the essential cultural unity of the subcontinent and to the uninterrupted contact between the various geographical units, at least from the historical period onward.

They were often at war not only with their powerful neighbours to the north but also with the great Pallava and Cōḻa kingdoms of southern India.

Most of the dynasties of medieval India were Hindu, though some Jaina and a very few Buddhist kings are also known.

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The various faiths, however, existed in comparative harmony; and Buddhist and Jaina monuments continued to be built, though most of the surviving works are Hindu.

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