Dating painting stretchers

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Dating painting stretchers

Wood expands and contracts in various ways, and its strength can vary axially, radially, or tangentially; by blocking the wood—i.e., glueing pieces of wood together in different directions—such differences are eliminated and equal strength is obtained both longitudinally and laterally.

The characteristic feature of laminated board is that the veneer on both sides encloses a wooden board composed of narrow strips of wood glued together on edge.

These surviving pieces have proved that the craft of furniture making has remained relatively consistent for centuries.…

Throughout the Middle Ages the metal chair—for example, the 7th-century throne belonging to Dagobert I, king of the Franks—was used for special ceremonies.The board is therefore thick enough to be suitable for table tops or doors.If laminated board consists only of single sheets of veneer glued together, it is known as bronze, iron, and silver were used for making furniture.It can be shaped by means of hand- or power-operated cutting and drilling tools.Heated, it can be bent to a certain extent into a predetermined shape and thereafter will retain the shape.

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In the 20th century, machine-made laminated board of various thicknesses was generally used.

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