Dating rut

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Dating rut

After all, would you want to date someone who hated being single?

Do: Become a successful single The key to enjoying your social life as a savvy single is to relish in the possibilities.

In the new millennium, finding someone to date isn’t nearly as tricky as mastering the art of dating.

Between online dating, singles events, and the old-fashioned in-person meet and greet, it’s possible to date someone new on a regular basis.

) The best way to avoid a dating rut is to get “out there” on a regular basis.

And by “out there,” I mean target-rich environments, at least once a week. It’s any location where savvy and successful single men can be found in abundance.

Do: Be clear AND realistic about what you want The most successful daters are those who not only know exactly what they want, but are realistic about themselves and what they’re looking for.

Don’t: Drag excess baggage on dates Just as you shouldn’t have to date a guy who lugs his emotional baggage wherever he goes, you shouldn’t be That Girl either.

But getting stuck in a dating rut where you’re either not meeting anyone or only meeting the same type of guy over and over again should be a thing of the past.

Do: Put yourself in target rich environments (often!

Nobody in your present dating life wants or deserves to bear the brunt of your past relationships.

Your relationship history — the good, bad, and even the ugly — is just that. Do: Learn your relationship lessons Instead of obsessing about past relationship failures, look at those experiences as valuable lessons.

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For the best results, choose a target-rich environment based on your own interests.

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