Dating services huntsville al

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Dating services huntsville al

If the temporary Protection Order is issued, it may include some or all of the following: Final Protection Orders After a Petition for Protection Order is filed and Ex Parte Order (temporary Protection Order) is issued, a hearing will be held at which the plaintiff will need to prove, through testimony and evidence that the abuse occurred.

The defendant is allowed to be present and offer evidence against the allegations in the petition. After the hearing, the Judge must decide whether to issue a Final Protection Order.

It is recommended that the plaintiff file in the county in which the victim resides, if possible.

The Final Protection Order will also indicate how long the order is in effect for.

These forms are available in the clerk’s office in each county courthouse or at the link posted below.

The completed Petition should be taken to the clerk’s office.

The clerk’s office will give a copy of the signed temporary order, petition, and notice of the hearing date to the Sheriff’s department.

The Sheriff’s department will attempt to serve copies of these papers on the defendant.

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A judge may dismiss your petition if you claim that the abuse or threat occurred many months ago, or if you only think that something might happen in the future.

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