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South of the Islamic district is Old Cairo, where some of the city's oldest architectural monuments can be found.Old Cairo is the home of Cairo's Coptic Christian community, and the site of the Coptic Museum plus a number of Coptic churches.The passport also has a note, in English that says: ‚The Minister of Foreign Affairs requests all whom it may concern to permit the bearer of this passport to pass and give him help and protection whenever necessary.

Cairo also includes several river islands, which play an important role in the life of the city.Check here Cairo nightlife Check here Egypt shopping guide Outside the city's central area on the east bank, spanning from the northeast to the southeast, are the neighborhoods of Islamic Cairo.These neighborhoods are known for their narrow streets, crowded markets (bazaars), and hundreds of Mosques, many dating back to the medieval period.The northeastern part is known as Kaliobia Governorate, while the west bank is part of the governorate of Giza, and the eastern parts and southeastern parts are another governorates known as Cairo, the three parts are known together as greater Cairo.The city is marked by the traditions and influences of the East and the West, the ancient and the modern.

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