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Coming to her/his house, meeting her/his family, and having chats w/ her/him there.3. Taking any of her/his family member with you when both of you go out OR go with her/him and her/his family altogether.

Once you feel you've known her/him well enough, you must declare if you're interested in her/him or not and planning a marriage.

We are helping Muslim singles worldwide find love and compatible life partners.

We believe in compatibility hence you will see compatibility score on each profile and option of video call as unlike other apps we would like to match you with someone who will meet your criteria.

So, in Islam getting to know your opposite sex must be clean from any sexual plays and must be done with the clean purpose of finding a fitting wife/husband candidate.You can even send a single message to a potential match, letting them know that you're interested in them -- all without any financial commitment.If you want even more communication with the Muslim singles on our site, you'll have the ability to upgrade to a Platinum Membership.Or you might think that having a ‘halal boyfriend’ is no problem. And one of the things He has made unlawful is relations before marriage. There’s many reasons that Muslim girls feel pressured to start dating. If you’re still in school and marriage seems a long way away, it might be hard to wait for an imaginary someone, especially if you have a very real boy in your present. You might engage in a relationship and claim that you will marry this boy, and call him your ‘halal boyfriend’ since you set up very strict parameters about what you can and cannot do. But you have no guarantee that this boy will end up your husband nor do you know what God has planned for you.

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