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The Saxon church in Wakefield was rebuilt in about 1100 in stone in the Norman style and was continually enlarged until 1315 when the central tower collapsed.By 1420 the church was again rebuilt and was extended between 14.After the Conquest Wakefield was a victim of the Harrying of the North in 1069 when William the Conqueror took revenge on the local population for resistance to Norman rule.

As preparation for the impending invasion by the Spanish Armada in April 1558, 400 men from the wapentake of Morley and Agbrigg were summoned to Bruntcliffe near Morley with their weapons.

Men from Kirkgate, Westgate, Northgate and Sandal were amongst them and all returned by August.

At the time of the Civil War, Wakefield was a Royalist stronghold.

The market was close to the Bull Ring and the church.

The townsfolk of Wakefield amused themselves in games and sports earning the title "Merrie Wakefield", the chief sport in the 14th century was archery and the butts in Wakefield were at the Ings, near the river.

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This part of Yorkshire was home to the Brigantes until the Roman occupation in AD 43.

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