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Sun to appear to rise each day in the east and set in the west.

The apparent solar day is measured by the interval of time between two successive passages of the Sun across the observer’s celestial meridian, the visible half of the great circle that passes through the zenith and the celestial poles.

The equations of motion that define TDB include relativistic terms.

The decay of radioactive elements is a random, rather than a repetitive, process, but the statistical reliability of the time required for the disappearance of any given fraction of a particular element can be used for measuring long time intervals.

Two time scales that have no relative secular acceleration are called equivalent.

That is, a clock displaying the time according to one of these scales would not—over an extended interval—show a change in its rate relative to that of a clock displaying time according to the other scale.

TAI and TDT differ from TDB by calculable periodic variations.

Apparent positions of celestial objects, as tabulated in ephemerides, are corrected for the Sun’s gravitational deflection of light rays.atomic clock provides the most precise time scale.

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It has made possible new, highly accurate techniques for measuring time and distance.