Dresden dating

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Dresden dating

Aveni suggests that it reflects Venus' "unique visual relationship to the sun".

He notes that Venus "remains close to the sun, always becoming visible a few hours either before sunrise over the place the sun will come up, or after sunset over the place it went down".

In the old days, when quilters developed the Dresden Plate Quilt Block, they sometimes cut paper templates from newspapers, and left the papers inside the quilt for extra warmth - this has been one method of dating old quilts as the date was on the newspaper found inside!

Wrap the fabric around the paper, and using a needle threaded and with a large knot at the end of the thread, sew (or baste)large stitches through both fabric and paper. Stitch along one side, then make large stitches through just the fabric of the rounded part, pull it snug over the paper template, then stitch down the other side through all three layers (fabric, paper,fabric).

Note on page numbers: Some time before Forstemann studied the Codex, it fell apart into two pieces that were improperly rejoined. The first is numbered 24 by Forstemann, the others run from 46 to 50.

Schele and Freidel have shown that most wars recorded on classical stelae are dated to the heliacal rise of Venus, other apparitions of Venus, or to the stationary points of Jupiter and Saturn.

The heliacal rise of Venus, when it first rises in the morning sky in the east, marks the direction of sunrise and rebirth.

Cosmical rise, when Venus rises at sunset in the west, is associated with evening and death.

The primary function of the Venus table appears to have been to fix the dates of rituals associated with the apparitions of Venus and supply auguries for these dates.

The timing of wars to coincide with the rise of Venus was adopted in the Maya area in the Classical period, and is associated with "Tlaloc war cult", which seems to have originated at Teotihaucan in Central Mexico.

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The Manuscript also tells us that: The reason why this star was held in such esteem by the lords and people, and the reason why they counted their days by this star and yielded reverence and offered sacrifices to it, was because these deluded natives thought or believed that when one of their principal gods, named Topilzin or Quetzalcoatl, died and left this world, he transformed himself into that resplendent star. Both the Nahautl and Yucatec names translate as "quetzel bird-snake" or "plumed serpent".

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