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Emeeting 9 6 dating script

The dying dam inspector throws a pen drive containing details about the proposed plan to destroy the dam into an abandoned Shiva temple near the dam and warns the village head Karunakara (K.Viswanath) that the temple has to be opened as soon as possible, after which he passes away.

The film revolves around Lingaa, a thief who enters a village called Solaiyur to save the dam and temple built by his grandfather.He holds a grudge against his grandfather, feeling that he had brought down his family into poverty by squandering all his wealth and hence refuses to go with Lakshmi to Solaiyur.However, Lakshmi implicates Lingaa in a robbery, as a result of which the police pursue Lingaa.Raja Lingeswaran, the very rich ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Kodiyur, best civil engineer from Cambridge and a civil services officer.He becomes the collector of Madurai district, and arrives at Solaiyur village.

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Sundarrajan), who is later understood to be a spy for the British Collector.