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Face mates dating site

Millions of people use online dating sites each day, scanning through streams of face images in search of an attractive mate.Face images, like most visual stimuli, undergo processes whereby the current percept is altered by exposure to previous visual input.We then analysed each subject’s sequence of attractiveness judgements, binning them into two groups based on whether a given face was preceded by an attractive or unattractive face.

1A) and the next face followed immediately.(A) General procedure (arrows and labels are for illustrative purposes only and were not visible during the experiment).

It is not clear whether sequential dependencies are robust enough to occur when attractiveness ratings are simplified to a simple dichotomy of attractive or not, as favoured by many online dating sites.

Moreover, previous studies have used laboratory stimuli, controlling for low-level visual properties for the purposes of drawing inferences about the visual system.

(D) Time course of the [t − 1] inter-trial effect plotted over 10 intervals of 30 trials showing the effect of the preceding face’s attractiveness on the current trial was consistent across the entire trial block.

The dashed horizontal line indicates general attractiveness as in panel (B).

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(C) The distribution of responses (% of trials where the response was ‘attractive’) across the stimulus set (N = 60) as a function of previous-trial attractiveness.

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