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The Clan response to this situation was rather simple: blast the impeding Mech into oblivion to let the rest of the Lance step through the wreckage, never mind the poor bastard inside.

Oh, how he loved these multi-acquisition targeting systems. The Lance formed up again and began moving, only for the enemy to throw what would be ‘the final spanner in the works’.“Prepared demo charges to create a man-made avalanche.Everything will be discussed in the debriefing, dismissed.” Brox watched the rest of the Lance go, then his eyes fixed on the sim pod that was still closed. ” “The Shadow Hawk wasn’t a computer opponent,” he stated in the deep electronic tones of his artificial voice box. “Don’t worry, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting the pilot at the debriefing.” Debriefing Room, GDI Compound Port Krin, Antallos The air was filled with a low din as the forty-one members of 1st Mech Battalion, GDI Foreign Legion sat in their assigned seats in the gently tiered room.The air conditioning was somewhat strained to keep up with the combined body heat added to the perpetually hot conditions of Port Krin, and the air was slowly growing stale.Brox was not one to complain about such trivialities, he just wanted to get this AAR over with. The damn things were as infectious as the flu.) He wanted nothing more than to get back into a sim, preferably with the mysterious Shadow Hawk pilot as his opponent, this time on nice flat terrain.

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