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This, ostensibly, was the nature of dating in prehistoric times.Several instances of cavemen knocking women down and dragging them off are depicted until we get to a sketch of the lead of , Donnie.

During this scene, Donnie’s more confident inner self tells him he can help Donnie pick up women based on “things he’s read and stuff.” Cut to Donnie standing outside a café.The recent Aziz Ansari allegations (and the online debates that ensued) are a clear example of this.So how is a good guy with an active sexual appetite supposed to navigate the modern dating scene?In a series of experiments in my own research lab, I examined how this predator-prey message impacts men’s proclivity for sexual violence.Inspired by songs like Maroon 5’s Animals (“Baby I'm preying on you tonight; Hunt you down eat you alive”) and Duran Duran’s Hungry Like a Wolf (I'm on the hunt down I'm after you”) and the classic bar scene from the movie Swingers, my colleague and I had large groups of men and women read a passage that described a heterosexual man on a first date.

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