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In his experience, the abundance of tech dudes has created a paradox of choice for women, in which they’d rather rebuff every guy who comes within arm’s reach." data-reactid="54"Those aren’t pretty numbers for anyone, especially the men.

Seattle is a tech city, with Microsoft and Amazon among the biggest employers, and it recently prompted a frustrated Census analysis by a single male tech consultant there.

Do some research before you get to town and find some activities you’re into, and the social avenues to exploring them. There are singles-specific groups, or you could just look at the site in advance and tag along with any group of people who’re interested in what you are.”" data-reactid="91"“One crucial thing to know is that people here tend to hang out with others based not on proximity but on shared interests,” said Christy Karras, a contributor to Yahoo Travel who is married and lives in Seattle.

“Tons of people make initial contact here through Meetup.

If you want to flirt over books: Unlike in many American cities, the bookstore isn’t dead here.

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Is it even worth trying to light a spark here if you’re visiting when so many locals complain about it?

The tech industry has imported a lot of brilliant people to the area, but those brilliant people have also probably been focused on school more than socializing in their early life.” While women have a statistical advantage for hooking up in Seattle, many have cited that last point by Stewart: the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Men just don’t know how to start a conversation there.“I definitely see the validity in the theory,” said Gennette, who was born in Seattle, of the Freeze (she was in relationships most of her years there).

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I’ve hung out with Harry many times in Seattle, and the man has game in the most admirable sense—he’s simply good at being direct and friendly with people in a non-creepy way, and as such he hasn’t lacked for female company.