Hayley paramore dating

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Hayley paramore dating

(Whether the rose-colored boy wants to Make America Great Again or enact social justice reforms is unclear.) Here, Williams focused on a specific anecdote and zoomed out to spotlight a broader shift in how relationships work when ideological beliefs clash.

Though Williams didn’t set out to make a political album, it was almost unavoidable in the context of how we live now—and shows how personal and political anxieties were inextricable in 2017 (and probably will be for the foreseeable future).

Paramore singer Hayley Williams and her rocker husband Chad Gilbert have called it quits, one year after tying the knot.

The couple have been together for nearly ten years, but on Saturday Chad, the co-founder of the rock group New Found Glory, and his wife, 28, announced on Instagram that they had broken up.

She says she “doesn’t think [she’ll] ever write a political anthem,” but on “It’s been really interesting hearing people relate our album to the year they’ve had because of the political climate and because of the social issues we’re going through and the anxiety that puts on young people and people who are minorities,” Williams says.

Meanwhile, on “Rose-Colored Boy,” Williams sings of a male friend who claims to be optimistic about change in the world, but she just isn’t feeling it.“I think that this is the year that I’ve had to stop kidding myself that I’m exempt from being riled up about politics,” she says.Growing up in Mississippi and Tennessee, Williams experienced a political divide right at home, brought on by male figures who were aggressive in their beliefs and frequently sparked conflict with other members of the family.(photo by @marybethblankenship from the 1st show of AL era) . And that’s part of why After Laughter hits so close on lines like, “All that I want is a hole in the ground/You can tell me when it’s alright for me to come out.” Though she may not be overtly referencing political leaders, that sentiment of wanting to hide until it’s all over rings especially true if you’re enduring personal heartbreak at a time of political upheaval.“I feel like you can write a song that has been affected by what we’re going through as a nation and as people all under the same thumb,” Williams says.“You can write about that without it being, like, me talking about the president.”Those realizations have led Williams to feel a sense of responsibility about what Paramore writes about and how she can use her platform.

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