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Other women have you squarely in the "just friends" category, and you ain't goin' anywhere, pal.These woman may be married or in relationships, may be difficult high-maintenance women, or -- the sad fact -- simply may not like you very much, and keep you around for when they have nothing better to do.About the Author: Ron and David are dating coaches. They have been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Playboy, YM, Maxim, GQ UK, Swank, Gallery, and Players.They have also been on the Rosanne Barr Show, the Issac Hays show, To Tell the Truth, Fox News, CNN, UPN, and ABC.I am attracted to you." Then stop hanging around with her -- at least then you'll be doing something positive for your self-esteem as a man.If she goes for it and gets romantic with you, you may be tempted to fall into the trap of acting like a friend again. Follow seduction protocol, as outlined in our book "How to Succeed with Women." Best of luck!This is true for woman you are just meeting, as well as for women who have known you for a while and already think of you as a "friend." Bottom line: you must flirt with her, weird as it may feel to you the first time you do it. So often a man who ends up a woman's "friend" falls into the trap of wanting the woman to feel comfortable, above all else.

These are women you've got a shot at changing into lovers.

by Ron Louis & David Copeland Yes it is possible to turn a woman from a friend to a lover, if you know what to do -- but even then, it won't work every time.

Some women keep you as a friend because you've been too scared to make your romantic interest known, or you've made a bunch of bonehead mistakes, and alienated her (at least temporarily) from being romantic.

He doesn't ever flirt or say anything romantic, because he doesn't want to risk making her uncomfortable.

Only if he had a clear signal that flirting was okay would he do it. If you are going to be seductive with a woman, you must be willing to provide the certainty in the interaction that everything is okay -- even if it's romantic.

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