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Hwang bo hyun joong dating

on 11th May 2008(episode 9), SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo joined the show as 'older wife-younger husband' couple, thus bringing a new situation and a different air to the show. v=V38a Zk-b-u8Episode 10Part 1: Hahaha wedding shoots! I couldn't bear to see some of their expressions because they were just so embarrassed to look at each other, especially during the kissing scenes. it was surprising to me too since i thought hj was the one who won, didn't know at both won. the only new couple i like was Hwanhee and Hwayobi.

Hyun Joong was pretty good at trying to resolve the awkwardness between the both of them by making occasional jokes. Hyunjoong joking about the prices about the dresses and then complaining that they were too revealing and then the price of the photos. i thought they were really cute with each other, and had a lot of fun.

Somehow I always top the number of times rewatching for every new episode relased.Sometimes I wonder where do their sparks come from. after so many times of defeat they had when they face alex&shinae couple. infact, they won/scored highest in all of the rounds. and their babies are so adorable, especially the baby boy who looks like a baby girl their relationship just develops overtime i guess.If you really watched the both of them, they sometimes look very uncomfortable with each other, but in other times, they created memorable chemistry. its natural to become more familiar with each other when you spent more time together.I can imagine hyun joong saying some really weird jokes and the baby will just give him a awkward if crownj&inyoung can do it, then i dont think they will have any problem. Their actions n progressions in every ep make my heart beat like it's gona crumble. i see how HJ change so much from the first episode he was married to HB.Never b4 hv i experienced so much emotions jus from watching a couple date. i remember he use to dislike couple tee so much, yet now after so many episodes, he doesnt mind wearing it already.

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It's good to see a totally different side from all celebrities in this show, even though they still follow a script.... have to wait for it to be subbed.aspire: the baby girl is seriously way too tan like hwangbo!

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