Internet dating slang meanings

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I'll leave the details to your imagination, as well as all the puns on how you take your steaming hot drink. The logo for Yellow Transportation says the name "Yellow" in bold black letters on hey, wait-a-second... It's good marketing that stops and makes you take a second look or makes you wonder. Although IKEA's web page says FARTFULL is not for sale on the web, I still enjoy recommending it as the perfect gift suggestion for various people.

If you were “1A”, you were healthy and fit for duty. I was visiting Bangalore, India when the local news (for example, rediff india) was widely reporting the legal consequences of a marketing mistake by Pepsi.

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Snopes, and other urban legends sites also have articles on some of these items.

"An experienced journalist like yourself," Yeltsin said, "should express himself in a more civilized fashion.

But this may be the translator's fault, and if so, he is the hippopotamus!

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Almost as good as the confusion among English speakers over the term Fanny Pack, is the humor raised by the German equivalent for knapsack.