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But as they're wont to do, things took a heartbreaking turn during the second experiment.

Nineteen college students were shown a series of wedding and engagement photos of 200 interracial and same-race couples.

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It all began innocently enough -- and the data was pretty hopeful!

Unfortunately the “battle for love” is one that is fought among people of all persuasions.

Rather than focus on blogging about this fruitless subject, I began to think about why these are such hotbed topics to begin with.

Why is it, on the heels of 2012, are we so fascinated with racial distinctiveness, yet not interested at all in what unites us?

Ever the progressive dating app, Tinder just published a study that found when online dating, people feel more comfortable dating outside of their ethnicity or race.

Though it’s great to hear that the study affirms racial acceptance, it’s also based on what people believe they’re open to, rather than what they’ve actually done, The study was spurred by a separate 2017 Cornell study, which found that the rise in interracial marriages may be linked to the rise in dating apps.

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However, according to another dating app, OKCupid, it’s only our thoughts about interracial relationships that have changed over the years—not the reality.

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