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Facing me she simply climbed up on me using her arms to lift herself off the ground and then locked her legs behind my back.

What the fuck is this all about I wondered to myself. I couldn't help but catch the wisp of sadness in her voice and knew daddy's decision had really hurt her. Listen, after the fact I can pretend I was pretty casual about the whole nudity thing but the reality was far different. In the previous month I'd often stood in my bedroom and paraded in front of the mirror butt naked. Except that there were about five hundred naked people dotted across the scenery. Mom and Sophie, just up ahead of us, missed our words. "Hey, we're here," she said excitedly as we emerged from the woods and found ourselves looking down into a natural bowl that sat on the edge of a small lake. I wondered if Graham had ever slept with his younger sisters. big and nice, I think maybe my little sister's pretty lucky, give me the camera." I liked the big and nice but what's this Izzy crap I wondered as she let my penis go and took the camera. "It means that I've been fielding questions about my little brother's wonderful body ... from a very large group of pretty and eager nudists all morning," she said as she pointed downward. " "Girl secrets," Sophie said smugly as we arrived at the flat, raised slab of rock that served as some sort of alter. I simply stood back and watched the interplay between mother and daughter. Both of them standing just feet away from a horny teenager who loved them both. I caught the end of one of mom's answer to an Isabel question. "Maybe we could kidnap her and have her deprogrammed daddy," sis suggested. "Hi big sister," I answered, my pleasure at hearing my sisters Sophie's voice clear in my every word. The summer sleeping cabin turned out to be a raised platform that had one side (the side we approached from) nestled into the bank of a small creek that gurgled merrily below. it's just that it would have been easier for them if ... I'd envisioned myself walking naked among these people, wondered how it would feel. Three jaws fell almost to the floor as their wide open eyes bored into my groin. Mom was now looking up into my eyes, a quizzical, almost grinning expression on her face. " "And what if when I get here I decide not to let Graham have you? If you leave for school without telling her you'll regret it the rest of your life." "We can't," I said angrily. Gosh Charlie I can remember when I was a senior in high school and Donna and Jacqui were over at our house. I was so jealous." "We were just kids," I protested. "She just said, 'well Sophie, they're going to be someday'. "Don't look," Isabel yelled when she saw me, then moved into deeper water until her young breasts were covered. and having cleverly perused the Rising Sun internet site, I brought" "Bring it," Isabel begged, "please Charlie ... "Just leave them on the bank," Izzy instructed but mom, soapless and shampooless for almost two days, simply threw modesty to the wind and waded quickly out of the water and toward me. Izzy was straining to hear us so I announced a little louder than necessary, "You know mom, when Izzy grows up maybe she'll have breasts as nice as yours." "Don't tease your sister Charlie," mom instructed but her smile indicated her true feelings towards my comment. "How do you deprogram stupidity," dad thundered back. It was just that he was the furthest thing away from what my parents had ever imagined as a suitable husband for one of their daughters. However, most of the platform, which was maybe twenty feet by fifteen in size, extended out over the creek and sat suspended ten feet above the water. Walking up to a group of nudists, a group like the one I'd seen at the side of the road today. Oh God, what did I just do I asked myself silently. After about twenty seconds of absolute silence Sophie started to giggle. "I'll show them they're not better than us," I sputtered, suddenly blushing as the enormity of what I'd just done started to hit me. After we'd been introduced for maybe the twentieth time to people we met in passing I was finally able to forget my cock and instead concentrate on what was being said. I had a hard-on half the time I was with them." "That must have made them happy," she answered but immediately noticed that I didn't think it was a big joke. What if I just pick you up in my arms and carry you away? " I asked as I nodded at the area behind the altar. We were all sitting around the pool and you guys were running around like you always did. "Donna thought you two were having sex even then ... Mom stayed where she was as we approached the bank. any shampoo," Isabel complained to her sister from where she stood in the middle of the pool. Graham gets mad every time he sees me shampooing ... "You're definitely my favorite son," mom said as I handed her the supplies. She took her time, in fact I realized later that she'd almost posed for me. "You know ma, you don't look that bad for an old forty year old lady," I teased. She didn't know there was a darker reason, a reason I was incapable of articulating to the only person I loved in the world. thoughts that erupted in creamy spurts from the end of my cock while I slept. Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled into one," she started excitedly. " "International Nude Day at the Rising Sun Commune for Peace, Brotherhood and Love. Girls who weren't afraid to frankly express their interest in the boy from Philadelphia. And then, as I was running my fingers up and down her moist cleft I felt her hand close on top of mine, then I simply let her direct me as she urgently and forcefully moved my hand up and down against her. Was silent when she collected another finger full with her other hand and then pushed it between my lips. That's the official name of Graham's commune by the way," Izzy instructed. And hey, yours truly wasn't doing a lot of complaining ... "It's a big present," Sophie gasped as she reached behind herself with her free hand and grabbed me. each spurting ejaculation met by an orgasmic squeezing twitch from Sophie's vagina.

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