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Vilnius (AFP) - For decades, a confessional in a church in Lithuania's capital Vilnius kept a precious secret: a trove of documents offering an unprecedented glimpse into Jewish life in Eastern Europe before and during the Holocaust.The cache, with documents dating back to the mid-18th century, includes religious texts, Yiddish literature and poetry, testimonies about pogroms as well as autobiographies and photographs."The diversity of material is breathtaking," David Fishman, professor of Jewish History at New York's Jewish Theological Seminary, told AFP via telephone, describing the discovery as a "total surprise"."It's almost like you could reconstruct Jewish life before the Holocaust based on these materials because there is no aspect and no region and no period that is missing," he added.In some instances, the building was highlighted and the object appeared faded, and at other points it was the other way around.

The same sort of brain activity decreased when they were shown unhighlighted images, indicating that the communication between the locus coeruleus, the parahippocampal place area, and the frontoparietal network — another brain structure tied to attention — ran smoothly, without any " The same did not hold true in the case of older study participants.Under typical conditions, norepinephrine will stimulate the activity of already highly active neurons, while "silencing" less active ones.At a neural level, this helps us to stay focused and ignore distractions under conditions of stress.They did so using both brain scans and by assessing pupil dilation, which has been deemed a good indicator of locus coeruleus activity.The tests consisted of showing the participants pairs of images: one featuring a building, and the other depicting a type of object.

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While the risk increases with age, dementia is not a normal part of aging.