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Karachi chaitig without register

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Tire mourning i Qr the d«^ise of the late £iaperor Taishp ^ver, ? On September 2^ tl|i^ ye^r the Prince married Miss Setsuko Matsu- ^aira, daughter of Mr. r basins, adding much to the scenic beauty of the BOOK The. d the Bay of Mataushima embraced by.t^e Ojika Peninsula, but *fpr about d46 miles .north, of Sendai It is rich in smaller indentations and forms a Ria coast. these researches brought home to , their mimt the abnormal state Into whicji the executive ppwer of the coun- try had fallen and especially to the encroachment of the military classes on the sovereicrnty of the Court. The chief administrator of a "fu" or "ken" is called "ch Ul" or prefectural ' governor.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. jfince Ch Jchibu retrurned to h;s mi Utary duties at tike Azabu. Matsudaira and niece of Viscount Matsu- daira, the nuptials being celebrated and conducted in the 4itmosphere and pomp of the ancient court life and custom, and ■amid the jubi^nt rejoicings of the entire nation. rall^ 3,212 1,471 2;858 1,614 9,212 ' 4,734 '4,061 1.5.84 2414 1,209 12,513* 4.igf9 1,262 ' • 1,^88'' Q.086 ' 1,429 ■ ' 1.102 ' 6,,437.' ' 10,1 4'7 12,255 ' m Uc B •217. circumference* of the- pri Rclpal lakes i» as betow:-— Biwar^Hp 146.15 Inawashlro-ko 40.33 Pureurko 41.08 Kasumlgra-ura 84.19 Hachiro-erata 48.61 Saroma-ko 65.89 Hamana-ko 57.14. The southern ooast of 'Honshu .extending from near Tokyo Bay to Cape Satta in Kyushu abounds in large indentations and furnishes several excellent anchorage. The eastern coast of Northern inlets are Tokyo Bay, Gulf of Sagami, Bay of Atsumi, Bay of Ise, Strait of Kii and Gulf of Tosa. Meanwhile the extra- vagrance of the successive shoguns higrhly impaired their credit, while the arrival of foreign, missions one after the other in quick succession in the early l&th century, demanding the* con- clusion of treaties of commerce, further tended to reveal their Internal "decay. All the prefect^iral governors are appointed by the Minister of the Inteilor, so that they are essentially bureaucrats pure and simple, whereas the mayor of a' city or the headman of a town or village ix elected by indirect popular votes usually for the term of four years.

Cm[05ALM0N AND CRAB MEAT PRODUCING OVER 1.300,000 CASES PACKED BY THE NICHIRO CANNERY. (Yasuda Shintaku Kabushiki Kaisha) Capital (Subscribed) . Fortunate, indeed, are the Japanese people in having two such fine characters «nlted on tiie Throne. Toku0aw« Shoggnate.- — lyeyasu was now the most powerful • xpan* for Hideyoshl's son HMeyori at Osaka was still .a minor.

| Digitized by Vj OOQIC VI ADVERTISEMENTS Digitized by Vj OOQ IC ADVERTISEMENTS vu TT ' ' ■ •^- NGK. TOKYO AND HAKODATE ^ Digitized by Google Vm ADVERTISEMENTS THE YASUDA TRUST CO., LIMITED. Trained on somewhat different lines to the previous Empresses, and with iresh develqpoii Sftt;' Xik^n ' Pb^^ l^img the 'wonianhood of Japan, the Empress is expected to be a real power for good and the advancement of her people, aided by the Emperor's clear understanding of affairs and ready sympathy. In the flf st-named veglen gloomy weather prevails in winter mo Yiths (Nov. FAUNA Number of species found in Japan and those peculiar to or specially conspicuous in the country are as follows: — - Mammals 240 species. The expedition, however, was rendered abor- tive by the death of Hideyoehi in 16W.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Ltd.) Cable Address:-" Insurer Tokyo" Capital .—Yen 5,000.000 Underwriters for Marine. Trans- formers and other Electrical Machineries Hesd Office :— Manmouchi. JAPAN-CHINA RAPID EXPRESS SERVICE BETWEEN KOBE, NAGASAKI AND SHANGHAI Sailings : Every 4 Days. In October the same year he was assigned to the 1st in- fantry regiment of the First Army Division as cadet, later being appointed Sub-Lieutenant, and on the auspicious occasion of the silver wedding of the Emperor (Taisho) and Empress in- May, 1925, he was promoted to full Lieutenant. The rising of the Christians into rebelllbn at Amakusa In 1637 was followed by a severer policy against thfe religion and foreign commerce, exception being made only in favor of the Butch and the Chinese.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Fire, Transport and Automobile Insurance Head Office :— Marunouchi, Tokyo Branch M and Asendea :— Osaka. London, New York, etc The Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd, Cable Address:— "Iwasakibak Tokyo" Capital :-Yen 50.000.000 General Banking and Exchange Business Hesd Ofilce: — Marunoucni, Tokyo Branchesr-Tokyo, Osaka. Tolcyo Works:— Kobe, Nagasaki, Nagoya IV ADVERTISEMENTS 152 Vessds 886,000 Tons THE YEAR 1929 WILL MARK A New Era Trans-Pacific Travel when Three 22,000-Ton Motor Passenger Liners will, be placed on THE N. Low Rate Round-the-World and Combined Through Passage Fares Quoted. On the 2Sth of the same month the Prince sailed for England where he resided with General Drummond. The Sea of Japan is one of the waters with the siriailest 'tidal range in 'the world, being scarcely more than 2 ft. At Nartito, one of the narrow straits *by whldh the Inland Sea communicates with the Pacific, the tldtfl ^treebrns form eddies and whirlpools which present a 'unilqiae ai^ht. — The Pacific coast is far jtnore dtvepgifled in outlioe thau the Japan Sea coast. Japan remained secluded till the Arrival of Commodore Perry's mission in 1853 to demand the opening Digitized by Lj OOQIC ^i O THte ^AJ^AN ITEAR BOOK of the country for commerce. LOCAL GOVERNMENT Japan proper is divided Into 46 administrative districts or prefectures. Governor-Generals; Saghallen la In charge of a cfvil governor specially appointed; while Kwantunff Is a Japanese sp^erainty.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Ltd.) Cable Address:— ••Iwaaakimin Tokyo" Capital."— Yen 100.000.000 Producers of Coal. He matriculated at Oxford as a special: student but whi Je studying there had to give up his original plan on account of the serious illness and subsequent demise of his father Taisho Tenno who died on December 2Sth, 1926, and hurriedly returned home in January next year, travelling via Canada and the United States. Matsudaira, at that time our Ambassador there, and for the first time met his daughter Miss Setsuko. The coast line of the former measures in aggregate 10.310.3 pi Hes. In Honshu alope the outer coast measures .3^9SU3 jxules . Learnlngr was encouraged by the sbogunate, chiefly to check the wartlike, propensity of daimyos. Three of them are called •'fu/* and the rest, •Teen." Besides, there is a territory known as Hokkaido which covers an extensive region not yet classified into "ken," though for pur- poses of administration, the territory does not much differ firom Digitized by Google POLITICS & LOCAL GOVERNMENT 107 'Tccn." Formosa, Korea, Saghalien, and the Kwantung Province are of course left put here. , ^ These ^6 prefectures, are subdivided into 636 smaller ad- ministrative district3» which are called "kud" or countie JB^ and these in turn are subdivided Into villa^res or "mura" and towns or "machi." There are 10.494 villasres and 1,485 towns.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Indeed, no povtvayal ol the Frince i^ complete without some tribute to his sportsmanship. This dtralt Is further divided i Ato three, i.e., Iki,'l5a8t Tsushima and "West Tsushima channels, by the two islttnds of Iki and Tsushima ^w Mch lie in it. A tsyt Stoas 4s caused hy the intruding polar Iront «»f ffeaera A c Iroul Btkm im the rhigher latitude. — In winter the cold is intense' in Japan iproper for its latitude, owing to the cold air currents brought over from the Asiatic Continent by the winter monsoon, while being much milder than in the distriots of the same latitude in Manchuria, Siberia, etc. I9.4 14.9 t M fi O.8 16j8 'M 9.6 -'l.i 7.3 Hakodate ...... 10.6 19^ J7.6 ISJ) 6.0 Mk O -'4i4 l U N^maro ........ 14.4 14.3 15.4 17.8 SO.l SS.7 2^.1 2M 180.9 T\ikt Mlui Ifl.7 14.7 15.7 14.0 11.9 li.4 14.1 11.2 14.4 1L4 12.0 16:0 167.6 K»f|4xhtiim ...13.9 13.1 16.1 14.^ 14.3 Ut.7 16.6 14.0 14.8 11 JE 10.1. who had a spite against the Tokugawa from one cause OP another, tried to carry out the joi order to the letter, and at slight provocation or none at all killed or injured foreigners OP flred upon foreign warships. Ho Wevei the original law by which a prefectural aissembly was tlrst established, has been subjected to revision many, times, and the last revision was made in 1926, when the tax quali^cation for voters and assembly members was abolished though under former system they were required . From that time on the Prince had to shoulder very weighty responsibilities in hisf irew capacity and practically functioned as a ruler thougli nominally 'only a regent. eut;- Cofoncl of the Army and 'Cbmnkahder" of -the Navy, and on Jatt Uary^ z6, the following year,' the Priiice married Ms- bride- elect Princess Nagako; the nuptials which. j APAaeaebn Ui-l^ra K (Bute japanioua^ r Japai Mtoe t»ae-froer (ff MKJqyna to a ) ; Jaawnaae t Ntg i Bsaim japanlc&; giant Baiajnaradev ^Masafobatan Mhiui nnudii Kis); Malkane satemfin^r ^Oxismbodftotanliii B japonlcaii Oi. Thus it was in the time of the 8th 8hogun Voshfmasa (1436-90) that the art of tea ceremonial, the ! In November 1921 the Prlnc6 was appointed Prince Regent to undertake the conduct cf State affairs in place of his Emperor-father, who was suffering from cronic disease arfd In- capacitated from attiending to public duties. Japanese perch -sea- wolt (Percajjatorant Japonicus) ; ^ Pelor Japonicus; Iilonocentris Ja Donioua; Aoipenoer ^ , m Ucadol; Petr Qmy8Un Q^ii Uat Ula; Japaofise. (Thypnus sibl); Samma (Scombresox saira)^ Japanese eel (Augilla^ Jadponlca),; Japanese 9hai;ka (Carchaida^ Jaip^riiciis; PKistlophorus Japonicus). As regards matters of taste and refinement, however, this period made a very valuable contribution to the history of clvfliration in Japan. The '9'ame day, ^ktiid the public mourning, the E^ined ascended th^ throne as- the l24th Wverelgti of the Empire,, and. Eir, Bqwn ai cmt I (Nltiox Jtiiwnlca, Sbops japonlcus); Tsushima wood-pecker (Thrlponax richardsi); red . The arri VHl of the first Portuguese ship in 1641, of the 8pwiiands not long after, and of Francis Xaviar, a Jesuit missionary in 1549 are noteworthy incidents in our history. «ho wha passed awdjr on that d*y tt Hayama after a protradttd fitness. Japanese ape (Macacns spec i o s us) ; Chfchfbu bat C85Fno«us Hlaf'jipniigeneffs) ; tnoutitain mole tll? Birds number over 720 species, of which three-^feurths- ^ani Digitized by Lj OOQIC xmoo BLAPur i V potoaffotto/ rtsfla*- apoolce, and one- fourth are either Ethiopian rnrio Af miesi or forafcn pecidiar to Jtapan. Japanese freebooters also ventured out In their frail craft and spread terror along the coast of Korea and China.

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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. 10, Eiraku-cho Nichome, Kojimachi-ku, Tokyo BRANCHES : OSAKA, KYOTO, YOKOHAMA, KOBE, NAGOYA, SENDAI, FUKUOKA, KEIJO. While staying in Europe the Prince scaled, the Alps in the summer of 1926, as everyi mountaineer remembers, and. His Highness is also honorary President of the British Society (Tokyo), the Siamese Society (Tokyo) and the International Industrial Conference. The l^^est Tsushima tihannel is only 4,700 ntetres w^ide. These contiaeoktal oyotones are i XKst frequent In winter and are very rare In mimmer. The climate of .itorea is more continental knd colder than that of Japan .prqper, the territory .forming part of the Continent. ll» i;0.9 Hinwbinn ,11.4 10.0 13.2 ia2 1W 14.0 12.7 9.8 13.6 13 11 &1 IV.9 OHaka .... The Government was in utter dismay, for the foreign representatives made on every such ■ occasion a strong demand for reparation. to be payers of national direct tax of whatever amount The prefectural government with its own prefectural as- .