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CHLORAMPHENICOL - An antibiotic, this drug is rarely used in industrialized countries; in the Third World it has been used liberally for common infections when less toxic antibiotics would have been preferable.

(g) Unless otherwise prohibited by law, a prescription shall be: (1) written in ink, indelible pencil or by other means on a tamper resistant form consistent with federal requirements for Medicaid; or (2) transmitted electronically; and (3) signed by the prescriber.Advertisements stress its versatility; one brand in Thailand suggests the drug for 50 conditions including measles, chicken pox, tonsillitis, and skin disease.In Africa and Asia the drug is recommended for is sold freely.In Peru, parents are reported to give the medication to their children on a weekly basis.Although the drug is banned in a number of countries and severely restricted in others it is still available, under 14 different brand names with 13 different sets of instructions (one brand contains no instructions).

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