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Naughty chat request

When I have suggested they take a hike and that I am sure they will find plenty of women willing to get into that type of discussion they have basically said they were glad I didn't respond to the question because they were sick of women that just wanted a sh*g and I had proven I wasn't one of them.Are things really that bad that decent guys are having to play a game of bluff to find out which women are just after a cheap fling.I used to be so naive in the year dot and always looked for the good in people.I've pretty much gone off the whole idea of meeting someone now, I'd rather be single and stick to the forums where most people can actually hold a conversation.After I was completely naked and only wearing my high heels, I got out a few of my sex toys.

She loves to wear lingerie, heels and stockings and really gets into it - nothing fake here - she is also HOT and very pretty. She has a sense of humor and I get a kick out of the noises and expressions her husband or boy friend blurts out while he is giving it to her - oh,oh, uuuhhh he goes -especially when she is on fours which I think is her number one thing.

I don't plan on getting a cat though lol Robinson - how insightful you are, sadly too many guys just want to add another notch to their bedpost and have something to brag about to their mates.

They are not looking for a second date, they just want to get what they want immediately.

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A couple of times I have accepted chat requests and they quickly turned into asking very personal details.

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