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Not interested in dating anymore

Bottom line: failing a serious hormonal imbalance, if your girlfriend is attracted to you, she will have sex with you.)What made things worse was the fact that my girlfriend kept promising to have sex with me tomorrow or on the weekend, but then she would act like she forgot, and if I tried to have sex with her then she would get angry and say she wasn’t in the mood and tell me that I was sex obsessed.

I think I’m going crazy with frustration and anger here.

They’ll suggest that you do things like give your girlfriend massages, cook for her, clean the house and essentially act like a complete slave who kisses the ground she walks on.

People will also advise you to be nicer to your girlfriend and bring her flowers and leave little love notes and messages for her. The underlying reason why your girlfriend won’t have sex with you anymore is because she’s lost attraction for you.

He was so weak and needy, that he had completely turned Jane off with his behavior.

If Jane didn’t have sex with Peter, he would get upset and beg her to make love to him.

If your girlfriend won’t have sex with you or isn’t interested in sex, then you need to read this article.

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to get her re-attracted to you again.

Yes, there is truth to the fact that women are aroused in different ways to men.

They take longer to warm up and get turned on in different ways.

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The reason why Jane decided she didn’t want sex is that she had lost attraction for Peter.