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Changes to the suspension will result in changes in alignment that need to be measured and adjusted.On the Spitfire, caster, camber and toe can be adjusted at the front reasonably easily.Exact details of “how” to implement the improvements are more the realm of shop manuals and so "how-to" information is not covered in great detail here.This article is divided into two main sections—Handling and Power—and in each section, the enhancements are listed serially in rough logical order.The later model Spitfire is not a bad-handling car in factory spec.But here again, a few simple, relatively inexpensive and easy changes can yield significant improvement, and by putting it all together you will have a much more fun car.

At the rear of the Spitfire is a swing axle architecture with a single transverse leaf spring.

I attempt throughout to explain "why"—the principles behind the improvements—followed by "what"—the specific improvements themselves—to promote understanding and foster creativity.

More in-depth information can be found in references cited throughout the article.

Wheel rates, which are the product of spring rates and the leverage and motion of the suspension, are the actual rates of vehicle stiffness.

Simply adding wheel rate contributions from individual suspension elements yields total wheel rates and vehicle stiffness.

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At any given point in time with any given set of forces, weight is being transferred through the suspension to the ground, and .