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If a person moves to a foreign country to work there, and stays there for at least one year, he/she will be granted tax subsidies by the Government of the United States.

Of course, the person has to demonstrate that he/she intends to return to the United States. is the country with the highest number of expatriates.

At the level crossings the kids eagerly wave up at us, but their mothers are expressionless. We catch our first glimpses of snow on the pyramidal peaks and grazing herds of alpacas and vicunas.

Perhaps they are calculating how many years it would take for them to afford a ticket to travel to Puno this way. Santos discreetly lays our table with white china, silverware, linen napkins and polished wine glasses, but before lunch we stretch our legs at La Raya station (the highest point of the journey at 4,319 metres).

An expatriate is a person residing in a foreign country, permanently or temporarily. citizens moved to Europe to study there; also, many Europeans moved to the United States during the Nazi rule (because they were forced to leave their homes).

This term is often used to describe professionals sent to work in a foreign country for while. In legal context, the word “expat” is often related to taxation.

Two thick black plaits trail down their backs onto which a baby is bound.

After a short stop the train pulls off while the women hold jumpers up at the windows, hopeful for a last-minute sale.

Later, back in his crisp white shirt, navy bow-tie and apron, a more relaxed Santos brings round a basket of woollen goodies and we are encouraged to touch before buying.

The expanse of burnt yellow, spiky, tuffs of altiplano (high plain) is interrupted with half-built settlements made up of corrugated roofs, cracked concrete splashed with mint choc chip and Peach Melba paints.

It is clear which department is the poorer neighbour.

More like a wooden toy soldier, he models a hideous collection of grandpa cardigans.

Carolina on the other hand wears a colourful collection of baby alpaca hats and gloves, decorated, I notice, with pinned luminous price tags.

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Spain and the Middle Eastern countries are also very popular destinations for foreign professionals.

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