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Ps2 dating

He acquires the card key to the station, as well as a spell book, along with a spell that temporarily grants him the strength of ten men, which he uses to kick down KLA2's gates.Upon entering, he discovers Trisha and Eldridge being attacked by Deadites and saves them.Ash breaks into the park, kills the Deadites, and gives Eldridge the cipher.Eldridge reads the notes and discovers information about the Kandarian Summoning Stone, a mystical artifact that allows the possessor to control (and destroy) the Deadite hordes.

Ash is sitting at his favorite bar in the red-light district, having a few drinks during the broadcast, and badmouths Eldridge, claiming that he wouldn't know the real Necronomicon from "a roll of extra-fluffy two-ply".

Ash, knowing what will happen if they do so, shouts at them not to play it, but of course, they do not hear him.

The Deadites are released into the world once more, and the Evil Force floats through town, right into the bar, and possesses the bartender who is promptly shot down by Ash who strangely has his boomstick with him.

He talks to Eldridge about what happened, and they unanimously agree that they need to find Professor Knowby's notes about the Necronomicon in order to discover a way to drive the Deadites back.

Afterwards, Trisha and Eldridge run and take shelter in the church, leaving Ash to do the dirty work.

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