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Make sure that they provide consistent age, interests, employment and marital status.Be aware that indirect answers to direct questions may indicate dishonesty. NZDating keeps profiles brief, allowing a great deal of scope in asking lots of basic questions.In today's busy world, people from all walks of life recognise the clear advantages Internet Dating can provide (in fact NZDating has provided many thousands of relationships and even marriages!), however just as in the 'offline' world there are certain precautions that should be taken when dealing with people that are not known well to you.In addition giving out your personal external email address may reveal a lot more personal information than you realise.Often people don't realise that the simple case of giving out a free email address (such as Hotmail or Yahoo) - can ultimately reveal your phone number and address to a skilled computer operator (and that's even if you never submitted this information to the email service! While you should not provide your real name or other identifiable information, don't mislead other members about other aspects of your life or on what you expect in a relationship.

NZDating provides an internal email/message system specifically for you to remain protected while giving you the ability to communicate with other users to learn more about them before deciding on whether or not to take the relationship further by sharing email addresses or phone numbers.Communicate using NZDating If you have no reason to take a conversation outside of NZDating you are best to communicate using the NZDating systems.In extreme cases messages sent using NZDating systems can be traced and appropriate action taken, whereas external mail services may not be possible to validate and may fall outside of the NZ legal system.The consultation covered various aspects of online safety including: We have now published the Government response to the consultation. The response sets the findings from our consultation and announces our intention to publish a White Paper before the end of the year.The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Home Office will jointly work on this White Paper which will set out our proposals for future legislation.

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Equally true in a bar or nightclub, don't believe everything you read or hear online, as people can pretend to be anything they wish.

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