Sex dating in covert kansas

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Sex dating in covert kansas

To make my method work there are three critical pieces you must have and use every time. First up are the beliefs about women and sex that hold you back. Maybe you've heard those bone chilling words "you're a nice guy, but..." If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then this module is where you need to start. If you are like most modern guys (and me), you were raised to be 'nice'. The problem is, most guys don't have a clue on how to be the bad boy.

(Don't worry -- I'll show you how to be totally at ease with a highly sexual woman, even if you have little or no experience). There are 3 modules, each of which covers one of the 3 parts of the Erotic Equation. Do women tell you their troubles, then run off to hook up with some guy on a Harley, a jock or some tattooed guitar player? Inside the bedroom take charge, be dominant and be naughty. be bad (but in a good way) Seems almost too simple doesn't it?

Believe me, I've probably thrown away more books, videos, and CD's on sex than you can find at most bookstores.

However I did do one thing that helped me find answers... I'll spare you the graphic details, let's just say it took me a lot of women to figure things out. including phone sex (which lead to my biggest breakthrough).

I know what it's like, I once had the same problem.

This is your Nice Guy programming, and it keeps you from doing what women desperately want from their man.

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You don't have to change, you just need to learn how to tap into things you already have. You just need to learn to let your bad boy out to play when the time is right.