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However, the little ones go into their sleeping boxes during the day for naps.

Whether you don't own an i OS device or you just like to take a different road from the rest of the pack, popular app Vine isn't for everyone.

Bad speech is not primarily a speech problem; it’s a heart problem (like all sin).

Your Facebook friends and Twitter/Pinterest followers have a window into your very heart.It’s natural to occasionally use social media to rant and rave, or vent frustrations to our Facebook friends.We may even feel consolation when friends affirm us with their comments and likes. Is this what we would say to each of our Facebook friends face-to-face?But for those who aren't big fans, there are video apps that serve as alternatives.Here are the top Vine alternatives, all of which are free and available on Android as well as i OS.

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This may be easy to understand, since the study found that 70% of teens have been friended on Facebook by their parents.

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