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Speed dating newport

Twin DC motors are provided to start and accelerate the float, whilst the larger DC motor above (a standard float motor) is cut in once a certain speed is reached. The VXL Automotive team brought this impressively sleek and quiet float to challenge Dan's team for the record.The motors are connected to the driveshaft via a system of pulleys and rubber belts. Although this is a development vehicle not fitted for road use, production vehicles are already being built for several customers and are likely to appear in service soon.We publish our findings in a quarterly society magazine - Milepost - which isdistributed to society members.RPS members have acted as official timers for railway companies during high-speed record attempts including the St Pancas to Ashford press and stakeholders trains.Links to news articles about the event: Ananova BBC News The race held at Bruntingthorpe was not the first time milk floats have travelled at high speed, although previous attempts have all resorted to alternative means of propulsion, such as a petrol engine or even a jet engine!This heavily modified float is called "Pastyereyes Express" and was converted by Ray Christopher in the mid-1970s.

Independent from any rail organisation, we can provide balanced and unbiased views on the performance and reliability of the UK and some European railway systems.

We welcome contact from any individuals who may not necessarily be passionate about train performance but who-through their daily commute, record the performance and reliability of services that they use.

The Rail Performance Data Foundation (RPDF) owns the database on behalf of the RPS.

An extra battery pack can be seen centre front, whilst another is located at the rear below the camera position. Dan poses in front of the float before the record attempt. The float is seen approaching the end of its return run, driven by Richard Rozhon. The winner was the VXL float with a recorded average speed of 73.39mph; the CBL float managed an average of just 47.61mph, although the maximum recorded was around 52mph.

It had, in fact, achieved higher speeds on test, but most unfortunately had caught fire a few days before the event, and had not been quite the same since.

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