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I am pretty lucky in the sense that when I was in high school, I did not have particularly strict parents.

While we weren’t allowed to have refined sugar in the house or watch cable TV, for the most part, they weren’t all that concerned about what I actually .

It also says that pupils must walk in “single file” between lessons, not talking to other pupils or turning around.

Elsewhere, it tells pupils they must “only ever look at your teacher or where your teacher has directed you to look” and that they must “never get out of [their] chair without permission at Charter”.

“The new leadership at the school has a track record of doing just that and seeing a new approach to take the school forward can only be in the best interest of all the pupils and their families and our wider Great Yarmouth community.” The Inspiration Trust said Charter had now developed a stricter approach - but that it was needed to drive up performance.Contact the Massachusetts Alliance Teen Parent Benefits Access Project by email or phone (1-800-645-3750 x115) if you have additional questions or concerns. If you were denied aid or treated unfairly, the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corp. It includes confiscating mobile phones if they are seen or heard until the end of the next half term - or, if they are taken in the last two weeks of any term, until the following half terms.It means, the document says: “If we confiscated your phone in the last two weeks of summer term we will keep your phone until mid-October. If your phone accidentally goes off or accidentally falls out of your pocket we confiscate it.” Pupils who hesitate to hand it over will be put in isolation.

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