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Posted by / 16-Feb-2020 16:04

This may not be illegal, but it is certainly highly unethical.

Do not believe any guarantees from Tom Tom, and by all means check out other GPS companies before subjecting yourself to this horrible company.

When it didn't work they told me to buy a new device, as it came with unlimited updates.

This year, when it didn't work, after 10 days of useless email suggestions, they decided that since they couldn't help me, they'd just deactivate my account. It is not possible to reactivate disabled accounts.

Tom Tom offered me 25% discount to buy a new device saying that replacement of battery is not recommended.

I complained again to Tom Tom and they have not responded.

Where is our State Attorney General and Public Service Commission?

I tried to go online and reload/update the maps to get going again but what a miserable 5 hours lost.

I used the chat line and a rep contacted me by phone to address the issue and took over my computer (which I sorely kick myself for).

Maybe Tom Tom needs to say "Free 1 Year Map Updates" as opposed to using "Lifetime" in their statement.

But then the consumer wouldn't buy their products if they were forced to be honest.

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