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My favorite award show that I love watching is the Fempowerment Women Achievers' Awards. It's an initiative to applaud the achievements of women from different sectors for their hard work, creativity and innovation.I think it's amazing to get appreciated for the good work we do and this motivates us to do even better.I dream being featured in Vogue because of its rich history.In addition, I want to reach a vast audience who has an interest in fashion, change and women’s issues.

(Read: Pageant Question About Being a Role Model) 3. Example Answer: My hope is to gain more confidence and to increase my professional network so that I can create more opportunity for myself and others in the future.These pageant answers are just here as a guideline help you create your own response.The judges are not going to remember exactly what you said anyways but they will remember how you made them feel when you were in the interview room.So if I were to be chosen, I would bring more awareness to this pageant by actively recruiting girls to try to win my crown next year.Breakdown: Judges love to see a girl with confidence and with a plan.

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Remember that these answers should be made your own.